About Us

GTDNext is a Online To Do list software based on David Allen's Getting Things Done Methodology.

We are bootstraped and built by a small distributed team in the US and Europe. We are passionate about productivity and GTD software in particular. We've taken our years of experience creating software and our love for productivity and project planning software and created the tool we always wished existed.

If you are experienced and already know GTD then we think you will love GTDNext. It's purpose built to allow you to implement your own flavor of GTD. If you are new to GTD you will find GTDNext an easy task management program to learn and it will help you quickly learn GTD while you implement the system with our tool.

GTDNext is a tool to implement the GTD Methodology. To learn more about the methodology itself we encourage you to read the book. GTDNext is not affiliated by, endorsed or associated with the David Allen Company. While GTDNext is inspired by the GTD® methodology, under no circumstances should it be considered certified by David Allen Company, or an official GTD implementation.